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Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Year of Neglect

Neglected once again. Another year flew by and the year 2013 for this blog only saw 5 postings. The first post of 2013 was another year in review of previous year with only the first 6 months documented. I started a draft of the second 6 months and left it unfinished and now it sits waiting to never be published because who cares about old news? I managed however to share about the first trip I took of 2013 which consisted of 2 postings for it was a terrifically fun trip and in this post I also managed to share the cakes I created. I created many more for my loved ones and will share them with you hopefully. I do apologize for leaving you with a sad post of venting about parenting of the times we live in and the difficulties of having an adult child move in. Everyone is living cohesively now with respect and understanding with consideration of each others feelings and duties of living in the same house.

What is wrong with me and why do I not make more of an effort to sit and write? My head is telling me to schedule it as if it were my job. One more, “A must do.” I could make this a New Years Resolution but that is not my style and I find you are left with disappointment when you falter. So instead, I create goals for myself and try to achieve them with prioritizing importance, with hopes of achieving the important goals. How about you? I put high on this list unfinished projects for I find it difficult to live with chaos. I am not an obsessive compulsive, I do however,  find when things are not organized this in itself breeds a chaotic life which leaves me with a feeling of frustration.

1360185kyk43qe6ja And then there is this. The distraction of social media that calls my name throughout the day. I have this on my list of “don’t waste time.” I have spoken about this time wasting to the Son in law, his response, “did you learn things on the internet and did it satisfy your brain? If the answer is yes then how could it be wasting time?” He is right you know. I have of late told myself this when the day is half gone and I have a feeling of unseen accomplishments for the day.( I know, you don’t have to yell at me. He he. If I am already sitting at my computer for hours at the beginning of my day why do I not type something for this blog?) One reason, it is work to write your thoughts, life happenings, down on paper. I have spent 3 hours if not more tweaking a post in a setting and in the end feeling it needed more and not find or set aside time to finish the post for publish. Okay, you got me it is simply pure laziness and I honestly admit it.

That said. In the end I ask what is the importance of this blog? Who do I really do it for? Me or the single reader of this blog who checks often to see what is going on in my life at the moment and if there might be a new post. I have thought about changing this blog to something different than an online journal. Maybe a tutorial blog of all things I create, from up cycling a sweater to fit, creating a stuffed monster the Granddaughter continually creates over and over again on a IPad app, my favorite photo editing apps, or the newest techniques I have tried my hand at in cake making. I am not sure this type of blog would be satisfying for me or my one follower. I often come across these type of blogs when searching for information and find I don’t read the page but treat it like a magazine skimming to find within the post the information or recipe that I was promised to see, often being let down. I have subscribed to many blogs for reading only to find I never go to my news stand and open them for reading. (Putting this on my list of “must do”.) If I want to read I have books yet to be started and books I have started and not finished on my Nook app. (Putting this on my list of “must do”.)   See the more I type I find there are so many things I start and leave unfinished, like the knitted sweater  only needing the sleeves knitted. (Putting this on my list of “must do”.) Okay, I must stop for my “Must do” list is growing longer and will keep me so busy I will not have time nor the desire to type a single word. I do thank the loyal follower who checks often for new postings.


Keep blogging and share often the trial and tribulations of my life because you have a follower who wants to hear about what you have to share good or bad, happy or sad. Make your next post 2013 a year in review to move forward with 2014 because the best is yet to come.

One can Hope.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Digress to my Daily Life

Although I have part II of California Dreaming started I must digress a little to a subject in my head that will not leave me be. 

The years have long since gone when I was raising 4 little kids. I do remember the days however, when it seemed not one child could be happy, therefore it created discontent in the Family unit. How, I think back, did I handle these situations? How, I ask, did I command the respect from my Children a Mother needs in order to keep Peace and Harmony? Times were different, children were raised differently. We raised our children the same as we were raised, ever so slightly tweeking it a bit, leaving out the cause and affect that may create memories we did not want our children to be left with. The memories we have been left with, the ones we hoped not to duplicate for our beloved little ones. In all our efforts of doing that I am sure some of our children have memories that are not too pleasant for them. I was the Matriarch of our Family and I feel my children felt this, I spared their Father the dealings of misbehavior, for he worked hard for us and wanted to come home to happy. My children knew  just how far they may push me to my limits and testing these at times just to see if they could be in control. I did my best to stay consistent and stand my ground as the Mother. Is this the key word? (CONTROL) 

I write this because I am feeling now what my oldest feels daily. I am an outsider looking in on a daily basis seeing first hand todays parenting. The hardship parents put on themselves with the lack of routine, disciplining, and consistency. My oldest and two Grandchildren temporarily live with us. My wake up call every morning is due to someone crying and a Mother trying to quiet them loudly. JOY?
My evenings are filled with parents who come home from a long day barely saying hello to each other or anyone else in the house, they lack conversation and bring back the unhappiness into my home. A home that I am happy in all day alone, hoping to remain happy in the evening. They do not sit with their children for dinner and feed the children what they command  to eat to keep the peace. I would like to help but then I am stepping on toes. This may sound like a bitch fest post, and I am sorry for that. I am trying to wrap my brain around such unhappiness and the lack of laughter is beginning to wear on me. How do I??

Todays Child, or at least the 4 and 5 year old in my house right now, has toys aplenty to play with, which they never do, has very little imagination within themselves and lacks parents who try to bring it out of them. What does the future hold when children have what they desire but are not taught to do without or what to do with what they have? This I feel breeds entitlement.   What is my role now? I am a Grandmother who wants to love, nurture, and help. I say the wrong things often with looks of displeasure shot my direction. I try, try to bite my tongue and leave situations that occur to be handle by the parents finding someplace to hide. Imagine, stealing yourself away out of sight in your own home to stay happy. What to do? Should I take Control? 

What I do for now is remind myself often and the Man does as well, that this is a temporary situation and soon their new home will be built and we will go back to our way of living once again. Two old folks who raised their Children to be the best they desired to be and only they can bring themselves happiness. Often today adult children are moving back home, how do they do it? The parents. Who takes the lead? Do you surrender as the parent of an adult child? Do you try to open their eyes to what you see, offering your wisdom and solutions? For now staying silent is probably the best, for I love my Oldest and would hate for our relationship to be torn apart for she already displays such unhappiness of her own, which tears at my heart. If you were to ask her she would tell you none of this is true, that she is happy and everything is wonderful. It is hard to step outside of yourself and see within when you are in the center of it, without an open mind.
If you could see yourself and your life with another set of eyes not belonging to you, what would your life reveal? I know how I see myself and feel I am as a person but others may see me differently than I would like to be viewed.

I have so many questions about my situation now and very few answers for them come to mind that if said could and possibly would cause a riff between my oldest daughter, her family, and myself.
 So in conclusion, the only, and probably right thing to do is bide my time and stay happy from within, as not to alter or compromise myself. The self I view me to be is a loving, kind, generous, caring, happy Mother of adult Children, who did her best.  I know deep down inside my oldest is just trying to do her best as well.

Moving forward One Day at a Time

Monday, July 1, 2013

California Dreaming Part II

Awe the tranquility of the Ocean and sandy beach. To live so close to this is a dream for some. Cali girl is a hop skip and a jump from this Ventura Beach. Our visit to San Francisco over and that chapter closed for the time being. I do hope to see College son again this year and this time with the Man in tow. We arrive at the Cali couples home in the early evening. All of us are tired from the long drive and the first to show signs of how tired was this beauty. Curled up like a baby.
Sleep as long as you need for I know you have some adventures in mind for me while I am here. What will tomorrow hold?

The smell of coffee wakes me from slumber along with a busy Cali girl who rises each morning early to see her Cali man off to work and get busy with her day. What a good wife. I should do this but I don't. The man doesn't seem to care and all our 27 years together I haven't. Each morning you will find me drinking coffee on her front porch with ipad in hand catching up on others. Okay, looking at cake fan pages. 
Today we will head to town, a quaint town to shop and have a bite to eat. I have a few favorite boutiques and I would like to see what is new and different. The fashion in California is different from the Midwest. You will find garments that are a little more Bohemian, flowing, and less conservative. Today is take it easy day. Cali girl needs recuperating time from our trip to San Francisco, an 8 hour drive is hard on a body, for I am feeling the stiffening muscles at my age and it hits Cali girl hard due to her own health issues. Let the week begin. I am excited as well to try out the Vegan way of eating and will do my best the rest of the trip to eat this way. Cali man does the cooking in the evening and he is quite an inventive cook, coming up with dishes full of flavor while using few ingredients. "When in Rome do as the Romans do". 
Shopping in town holds to be fruitful with quite a few purchases of light weight sweaters along with linen comfy pants. Finding garments to fit this body of mine is getting trickier. Well maybe I should give this exercise "Body Core Reformer" machine Cali girl has purchased a try.
I watched her give this machine ago and it didn't seem too tough. I definitely could use some help with my center balance. Nice advertisement for this machine don't you think? Cali girl truly inspires me to get fit. She doesn't exercise for wieght loss as you can see she doesn't need that, she exercises to keep muscle and stay limber so the pain she experiences often is lessened. 

I love naps in the afternoon, do you? There isn't any pressure from me while visiting to keep going and see what Cali has to see. I don't care about being a tourist when I visit, I prefer to see how my Cali girl lives and live it with her. You need a nap Cali girl, I do too. Our afternoons after a morning adventure finds us doing this. 

Everyday holds something new, as the week goes on I feel it is all speeding by. Next adventure non- planned of course is a day spent out to lunch at a favorite restaraunt of the Cali couple in the Channel Island. 
The view from our table at Brophy Bros restaurant. I watch in amazement as Cali girl downs an oyster shooter. The onion rings were the best I have had, and then there is this meal. Yum Fried oysters. (I know, not very vegan, we will have that meal this evening.)
A wonderful meal not far from where Cali girl lives. What next? The Channel island is full of shops, there is one in particular Cali girl wants to check out. Who doesn't like trying on hats? This was pure fun. I really wanted to buy a hat but couldn't bring myself to settle on one I would wear often.

After lunch we decided it would be a good day for the beach. Home to change and grab the dogs. 
There are several beach front entrys and the one Cali girl enjoys is closed off this day. Hollywood seems to be filming something. Cali girl is a native now and shrugs this off with an "I can't believe it I love this beach." We head to another beach entry where a sign is posted No dogs on Beach. We test our luck and hope not to be seen with the dogs. (That sign didn't mean us, right?) The wind is brutal, finally all set up with blanket on the ground and along comes beach patrol. The young man says, "Your gonna hate me, but you can't have your dogs on the beach, there is an endangered species of birds nesting here. Follow my warning or not, up to you and if you don't you will be fined $300s." Well, we better heed his warning and head off the beach but not before we snap a few shots with the poochies.
Next visit, more beach time, no poochies. The sound of the ocean is tranquility. Don't you agree? I am so old, home for a nap will bring tranquility and a little down time. We did have a fun filled day.

 The icing on the cake today will be a trip into LA. We head off to visit the J. Paul Getty Museum. I have been informed of this museum by Cali girl who has fallen in love with this museum and what it beholds.  The museum sets high upon a hill, you must take a tram to the top for entry of the museum. I knew the art I would see would have to be spectacular, for the entry is quirky and amazing.
Would you call the architecture mid century modern?  Close up of this statue. Boy holding a frog. 
The museum has different themes displayed, the main theme is Japanese culture/art. We visit a few rooms before we feel hunger that must be taken care of. Off to the museums restaraunt. It is kind of fancy and my attire feels out of place. A gourmet menu for a first meal of the day, what to order? Crab cake with different sauces topped with greens. Very appetizing.
Time to see some paintings. We stumble into the impressionist room. Here I could have stayed for hours. To see works of famous art throughout time up close was a dream for me. We scout around the room when, Bam the painting that mystifies me. Monet one of the greatest impressionist of his time.
This is the Rouen Cathedral, I am not sure this is the painting I had the pleasure to view. Clude Monet did a series of this Cathedral, 30 in all, painting it in many facades at different times of the day and a year to reflect changes in its appearance under different lighting conditions. The Cathedral I viewed mesmerized me. From a certain distance it appears muted in blue and I couldn't quite make out the structure. The closer I came to the painting the Cathedral disappears all together and what is on the canvas? I view nothing but brushstrokes of color to form what will make up an image. Pure genius. I could have looked at this forever. Why do I not visit art museums more often for this painting has brought upon me a feeling of elation. WOW!
We head towards the gardens which change with the seasons. People are hanging out on the lawns soaking in the calming feeling the museum grounds hold.  Beauty abound.
 Time to go. Pit stop before a long ride back to Ventura and an off beat painting in an obscure place cracks me up. This is a huge canvas in 3D, funny right? Maybe it is just me and my sick sense of humor. I love this.
Last night with the Cali couple. I have one more day to spend here before I head home.
 We have had a funfilled week together. We shared a day with mani/pedis' and shopping for College son in order to stock his apartment with goods needed he didn't have and couldn't afford on one of our days in between the fun we shared. Our last day together will be another day of shopping at a favorite mall of Cali girls. Yes, I love shopping. I can see why she loves the mall, I do too. The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks,CA  reminds me of my favorite mall at home, just a little ritzier. The Loft here is spectacular, a favorite place I shop now and can always find something to buy and fit off the clearance rack. I also found cute stuffed animals to bring back to the grandbabies as souvenirs of my trip. Worried a little about packing and the weight limit, I think I may have shopped too much on this visit. Oh well. Lunch in a new restaraunt I wish we had here at home. Stacked Food well built. This restaraunt is so inovative. You order from ipads at each table and place your food order when you are ready for it and customize the dishes offered to your liking. I love it. No worries that your entre will be delivered before you have eaten that appetizer, no waiting to get a refill or another drink until your waiter is available, you are given the capability to send your order to the kitchen when your ready. Ready to be on your way, no waiting for the check, what at times seems to take FOREVER. This may not be a restaraunt for the technically challenged maybe. They do however offer the standard way of serving for those who are. I love this and wish more restaraunts would implement this technology. What a better way to turn over those tables, the food was yummy as well.
Time to pack, having a wee bit a trouble closing my suitcase. This trip I only brought one big suitcase. Never again will I make this mistake. Laughing at myself and wondering what this weight may cost me. Sadness along with excitement to see the Man again is confusing. I don't want to leave Cali girl but I miss the Man. 

One more meal together. We decide a walk to a neighborhood Sushi place would be fun. I am not a fan but I feel I am good hands with Cali Man and he will order for me with care. Cali Man has mastered the making of sushi rolls with the best sticky rice and seaweed wraps, he made these several times. The restaraunt is quite a quirky little hole in the wall, saying this it seems to be a popular spot. No table for us this night. We sit where we can view the making of the sushi. This is fun to see. Trying to keep things light so the sadness of a wonderful trip doesn't overwhelm Cali girl and me. I so hate to leave her. You know the saying, "All good things must come to an end." Here we are our last night together.
A $105.00 fine for a bag that is overweight and time to board my flight for an overnight flight. 
My trip fully documented to relive this fun whenever I can't bear missing my Cali girl.

Thank You My Cali Couple for a wonderful Mother's Day gift.

Monday, June 10, 2013

California Dreaming

Can someone pinch me? I have arrived and any moment I will be hugging my Cali girl again. I am a lucky girl to have a daughter give me such a wonderful Mother's Day gift, the reason I made it to California for 10 days. (My thoughts on My 29th when I arrived in California). The waiting for her to pick me up was unbearable, I kept looking in every Lexus I saw. Finally across the road at a light waiting to turn I spy her finger combing her hair. I laugh for this is something she does so it had to be my beauty.. Hugs and we are off. The scenery along the way is incredible and I keep asking how it all became. 
A good nights rest and tomorrow we head to San Francisco.

I ask if the Man cut out should come or stay at home. (Will the humor of having him along get lost along the way or will it be incredibly fun?) Cali girl insist Dad needs to be with us on this journey to see college son's new apartment. Off we go.
We stop along the way at Pizmo beach to water the dogs and grab a bite to eat. I enjoy fried clams and a corndog while they share a bread bowl loaded with the best clam chowder. Although it seems every restaraunt lays claim to this.  I am not a fan so I couldn't attest to it.
Upon arrival and address being sent to me I crack up. Street address: Leavenworth. Why wouldn't there be a street named this with Alcatraz being a notorious prison in San Francisco. I say, "He lives on prison street." My companions are dumbfounded. So, Google to the rescue with Leavenworth's information. Fun facts shared. When in doubt, Google that sh**. There he is, my College son waits on the corner where he lives. Crazy how being with him again brings me this intense joy just like the joy I am feeling sharing this with Cali girl and her hubby. College son's apartment is really nice for a first place of his own. A small bedroom that his queen size bed eats up but a generous living area where he has nicely placed his new furnishings.

The  mirror as a headboard your never alone. Laughing inside as I remember seeing the bonding of siblings as it happens. "Documentation" I say. Click goes the camera. I have always taken pictures for nearly every event, something the Family has become use to. We stay in for the night and order pizza, tomorrow, on the hunt for a furry friend for College son.
We must fuel ourselves before embarking on the task of the day. We walk a few blocks up hills to a restaraunt College son and I grew fond of the previous year when he moved to San Francisco. 
It feels as if you are eating in a diner/cafe of the 50's. The Man orders up a breakfast of Champions.
 I order breakfast while everyone else chooses lunch. Off to the SFAS (San Francisco Animal shelter) we head. Let's find a friend for College son. We are on the hunt today to find a dog for him. The hunt is not an easy task for there are guidelines to follow in his apartment building.
I crack up seeing this hounddog behind the circus themed room. What a beauty. Woof, woof.
College son finally homes in on a sweet 1 year old named Checker who is full of personality. This love will be short lived once he tries to ge approval from the landlord.
No says the landlord, I can not be reassured he does not have pitbull in him, you can not convince me he does'nt. Disheartened. Back to the drawing board, which will be tomorrow. An adoption fair with other shelters and more choices will take place. At the end of the day we find ourselves in search of a park for the canines we have with us. Cali girls family. 
Whoa, what a tree the Man would love. Cali girl has no fear and quickly climbs within with the Man in tow. The climb to the top of the park was fun sitting up on a hill, looking from below we had no idea what we would find. This park may be a little too far for College son to take his canine to once one is found. 
That night we take the Cali couple to an Irish restaraunt not far from the apartment. The menu was intriguing, what to have? Something irish based or something light? I chose light, halibut which I love for there would be an opportunity for me to sample the corn beef. The service unfortunately was not up to par. Waiting for our entre's seem to take forever. So how do you get your waiters attention? That's right, see how high you can stack your cast off dishes without it falling.
 Tada! Amazing, our waiter rushed over. This was very entertaining to say the least. Now we wait for tomorrow and while the night away playing a game and hanging out for the evening. Not gonna lie. San Francisco on a Friday night comes to life in the wee hours of the morning. Fights are abound outside and the sounds of them are carried into the apartment creating a sleepless worrisome night for a few of us. College son has lived in San Fracisco for almost a year now and none of this stirs or bothers him. 
A little OJ Pops before we continue the canine search? 
Several Animal shelters are assembled and the fee for adoption today is FREE including shots the animals may need plus spaying/neutering your new pet. Who could ask for more? The dogs to choose from are amazing and then there he is along with his Brother, a dog who resembles Checker, younger with a longer snout which should not alarm the Landlord into thinking pitbull. College son falls in love. This puppy is so sweet and loving. Decided. He becomes the one for College son. This little guy is Amazing.
True moments to treasure, being able to be a part of the joy of a Son. Wish the Man could have been here along with me in person. Now how will he respond around other dogs? We will find out soon, with Cali girls dogs waiting for our return.
The canines take to each other with no problem at all. We found a park close by for them to frolick and play. What a beautiful day. This will be our last day spent together in San Francisco and one of the happiest. Our evening is spent relaxing at the apartment and online ordering linens and what not College son is in need of. Online ordering seems to be the way to go for convenience. Tomorrow morning will come too soon for me. I miss my Son so terribly and I am not sure he realizes how much. Hard to have two children live clear across the country. I hope I have supported my children to the fullest in allowing them to spread their wings to soar towards their chosen destiny and they feel I have.
Time to say goodbye, morning spent sharing a last meal at once again our favorite breakfast place around the corner. The Man drops in to say goodbye and make his presence known.
The car is packed and it is time to say our Goodbyes.
      My last hug and a snapshot to treasure.

Back to Ventura and the rest of my stay with the Cali couple. So long Son and San Francisco. The memories of this trip will be held dear in my Heart.

Coming soon: Part II of California Dreaming

Friday, May 31, 2013

Traveling Fun

Here I am sitting on a Delta Flight heading to make my connection in Minneapolis. I am excited, for this connection will take me onto Los Angeles and to my Cali girl. I do realize I have yet to finish my telling of 2012 and where I am in my life now. I apologize for the incompletion and promise to finish the synopsis of 2012 in the near future. Shall I say where I am now I can travel whenever I like with little to no stress in preparation before my journey. I no longer must worry about delivery dates, working late the night before my trip, when I will find time to pack, nor do I feel the guilt of burdening others with the duty of telling clients they can not have their fittings or alterations done at the moment. Life now is and can be everything I so desire to make it. On occasion I find myself to be semi retired, then weeks go by without a stitch of sewing done. (funny, right, stitch.) The days without sewing bring me pleasure for it leaves room to while my day away or plan a day for redecorating a room or two, organization or even surfing facebook cake fan pages for inspiration. Yes, I am so cake obsessed and must publish a post soley dedicated to it and the cakes I have created. Since semi retirement I have created seven cakes.
Minecraft cake I made for College son's birthday. He hates cake sad to say, I just can't help myself. "A party without cake is just a meeting." (Julia Childs)
This is a lemon, blueberry filling cake I made for my birthday. So yummy and the second cake I made. Who wouldn't like two cake for their birthday?

Easter. What child wouldn't love an easter cake basket that is all edible?
Olivia turns 4. For this cake I was fortunate enough to receive an airbrush gun from Cali girl for my birthday making creating the black pot for this cake oh so simple. I no longer will struggle trying to make white fondant black hoping the product doesn't break down and stays pliable. I found my joy once again for Polymer clay and created a keepsake Lalaloopsy from the medium. I learned quite alot of what not to do. Cake, white chocolate with apricot mango filling and orange flavored buttercream frosting.
When I created this cake I felt as though I had finally achieved something in the way of caking. My first at making a mold for pouring sugar, my first at pouring sugar, first at airbrushing detail and stacking cake to a depth of 9". I am proud of this. So this is what I dream of and on occasion fill my day with. 
Just a few, a little teaser I guess.

While waiting for my connecting flight my cut out of the Man and I stopped for a drink and a bite to eat. Choose your poison Dear. What a nice airport, food was great along with a stiff drink and an iced vodka latte to go. Heck I am on vacation, why not unwind and relax.
I now sit on my connecting flight watching the movie "Oz". I downloaded a movie to watch for the flight "Beautiful creatures" then low and behold a free movie I wanted to see at the movies. So the hour delay and the scared feelings I began to have due to the plane needing repaired at the gate before take off have now subsided. Joy, I may need to own this movie and watch it on the big screen in the darkness of my family room. Missing the beauty of the movie on a small screen without surround sound. I also seem to be laughing when no one else is. Okay I am spoiled a wee bit. Hurry plane I am so ready to see my California based children again it has been far too long. Touch Down, I have arrived, staying awake through the whole flight. That's a first.

Cali girl oh what a beauty you are, happy, happy, happy to be with you again. The scenery is amazing.
The hills are mountaneous. What a beautiful drive to Ventura.
We will spend the night catching up, chilling at the house and planning for our drive up the coast tomorrow to visit College son in San Francisco. The Man has not seen San Fran yet what adventure can we take him on? Good eats, maybe Alcatraz? We will see how it plays out. Fun may tie me up a bit. Documentation will be had. Truly ECSTATIC to be with my lovlies.

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Year a New Life

bellsHere I am once again in a New Year. Two months into a new year. Where did 2012 go? Looking at my postings I find not one post sharing my trials and tribulations of 2012. I seem to have lost a year catching up on 2011. One post dedicated to 2011 in 2012. How can one post sum up a whole year? I guess you can sum up a year in this manner when work over rules life. Time to put 2012 behind me and move forward into 2013 to see what my new life has in store for me.

A little synopsis of 2012. Humor me for I will try to sum up 2012 in two post, like the posting of year 2011. I will touch on the highlights of the year and the all important decision made with the support of the Man for my new venture and reinventing of me for my new life.

What fun it was ringing in 2012. A party with loved ones far and near. My Sister, Nephew along with Teacher daughter, Soldier Son and their friends were present for the ringing in of a New Year. The Young with a few old folks. We rang up those afar thru video chat hours ahead of their New Year to bring them into 2012 with us. Cali girl is who I speak of. Oh technology, an Xbox with kinect was shipped as a gift in time for us to have this hook up. This would prove to be helpful for future hookups.

January would bring my Cali girl home for a visit. We brain stormed on a business she was trying to start up. I finally learned how to screen print with the help of the Yudu screen printing system purchased the year before.. With Cali girls know how of Photoshop she was able to tweak her logo to get a perfect image for screen printing product bags I would make for her.product bag 

The best treat during her visit was a day spent with the Grandbabies. Let’s play dress up. Fun, fun, fun.

olivias 3 bday 121

The enjoyment of the New Year subsides and once again I must throw myself back into the job. Workloads become so overwhelming, February passes by in a flash. My Birthday nor Valentines Day found it’s way into my life with Celebration.

March rushes in with a Birthday celebration for Olivia turning 3. I must find the time to host her party, clean and bake a Minnie Mouse themed cake along with creating a banner to boot. olivias 3 bday cakeMy first cake pops. The cake went together smoothly, a purple Minnie for this is her all time favorite color. I went to my shop for a few hours and the Man was helpful with the cleaning of the house. The day did not go so well. A day to be forgotten (except for the smiles of a child on her birthday) and lessons learned when it comes to having others across the country joining in via video chat. Something so harmless in my eye became a potential wedge in my relationship with the Oldest Daughter. Sorry Olivia for you are precious to me and those who can’t celebrate with you due to distance. I also have never felt like more of an outsider in my own home. The Man and I were the only Family members present for this celebration in our home with the In-laws. I made the best of a bad situation by focusing my attention on the Grandbabies for they were the happiest people to be found in the bunch.  My eyes on this day had been forced opened wide to the relationship my adult children have formed. Like I said, a Day to be Forgotten with a heavy heart. Wow I just shared that. This is life and it isn’t always rosy. Family is family and my Daughter and I worked it out in the end with the passing of time, communicating our feelings about the day when they weren’t so raw and skewed.


Spring, Easter and Prom season approaches. Work, work, work. Trees are blooming and oh what bed photo shoot 053

Easter in April and a trip to Indy for a visit with my Sister and Mom for the Holiday. Before we left for the weekend our annual Easter egg dying with the girls took place. This is always a treat. Here they are donning their personal aprons patiently waiting for the fun to begin.DSC00787





Our lovely (teacher daughter) Katie tags along to Indy. My Mother cracks me up when I spy her in the kitchen wearing an apron I made in the 7th grade upon our arrival. Too funny,DSC00797 Isn’t she cute? How weird to still have this around after all these years. I had found the time to make cake pops to share with everyone. The day was very enjoyable and a little disappointing when my youngest sister was unable to come for the day. Maybe next time. I know all to well how impossible it can be at times to always be able to be with your Family for the Holidays.



It is difficult for me to get away when I am always made to feel guilty and not treated like a business owner when I decide not to be available 6 days a week at the DCS. I am growing more exhausted by the minute. Mentally, physically. I am working 18 hours a day. Tempers of the Manager are beginning to fly and he often takes it out on me. What to do? May, still no work for the Man. He try's daily to find work. Prom season is growing stronger along with the onset of wedding and graduation season. May will find me slumped over a sewing machine at times ready for a nervous break down. I Really would love to hire help but the percentage break does not allow me to. A 60-40% cut, not really a fair deal, 60% to me. I run the counter at times, have very little time to sew in the shop, which is small, I supply everything needed to complete repairs and alterations plus fittings during this time eats in to the production time. I still have clients I see in my home base shop trying to fit their alterations into the work load I bring home. The unhappiness subsides occasionally with my Sister visiting at least once a month for 4 days to a week. I hate leaving her at home daily while I head off to a place I have begun to hate. All that said, I find her visits to be a happy distraction and very helpful with my work loads. She comes to my shop and brings me coffee and food. My poor Sister however is witness to my distress and often says that I am a better person than she could be. She would never put up with the crap dished out to me by the help or the customers. I too am growing very weary of the customer service industry. Befuddled by how much I hate what I know and do best. Quality alterations and custom sewing. Looking forward to the day I can choose “to sew or not to sew.”  Enough moaning. Can you feel my stress?

May brings a long weekend holiday, Memorial Day and the celebration of my Oldest Daughters 30th birthday. Must party big. The Man is so generous and agrees a big party is in order. Happy news from Soldier Son. He has fulfilled his contract with the Army and will be home soon, unfortunately not in time for our big party. Where shall we celebrate? My search led me to a fun restaurant/club which offers private rooms for a party reasonably priced. They offer food and drink with servers designated only to logo Oldest Daughter helped with the invites. We broke out the Cricut and cut fun invitations.560289_432351433442886_342218896_n

She has invited coworkers and Family. Not all Family members could be present which we have grown accustomed to for this is life. Now the planning of a spectacular cake. This cake will be my first stacked cake. Three tiers with a jewel on the top. Sad to say, my oldest daughter does not like cake but “What is an event without cake, it is just a meeting.” (Julia Childs) I tried to plan the construction of this cake well in advance. With the help of my Sister and Nephew in the making of the small details for the cake things went smoothly and was a hole heck of fun, alleviating stress and a much later night for me. A cake can only be constructed a few days in advance to preserve freshness. I have learned the correct time frame and what to do first now. Fondant decorations first, cakes no more than two days in advance, the day before construct.DSC00848 So, what do you think? My first 3 layer stacked multi flavored cake. An Emerald adorns the top cut from sparkly paper for her birthstone. The making of this cake will bring on my obsession for caking. The night was long creating this masterpiece, sleep did not occur until 4:00 am. Stacking and attaching decorations happened the day of the party. Thank goodness we were having the party somewhere else for there would be no time to host a home party. Off to the club we head, 25 minutes across town and the cake on a very hot day made it in one piece. Let the fun begin. We held the party late enough in the evening on a Saturday to ensure the DJ started spinning music for dancing.



The Casino room was set up for a party with plenty of seating for our guest.l


My Oldest Daughter relaxing with a drink before the guest arrive. The servers knew who to keep an eye on for the night and it would be the Birthday Girl, she was not once without a drink and never had to ask for one.  My favorite part of the evening was seeing the Birthday Girl ride the bull. You see, because it was her birthday she could ride as many times as she desired without payment. What a night, what a party. Most of our guest including her husband got in on the ride. Me, no, to old and I feared being injured. Just what I needed to fall off break a hand or what not and not be able to sew.166025_440631195948243_218558567_n

You rock I hope to have a party again at your establishment.


Back to life with May at our backs, the heat and the anticipation of Soldier Son’s arrival home. June will now begin. July and August will hold three more celebrations. My caking immerges to a degree I didn’t know I possessed with excitement and before a double celebration in August I may find myself calling it quits in the Alteration business for good. Stay tuned to find out what the next 6 months of 2012 held in it’s hands.




Thank you for looking back with me. I am also grateful the camera exist for if it wasn’t for looking through my pictures I would have forgotten the year past. It is true how pictures can tell the story of your life and what you lived even when you are the one behind the camera. Thank goodness someone is.